Toby looks lovely. So smart & shiny, makes him look much younger, not 12 years old.

- clients of Border Collie

Bonnie, 7 month Bichon, handled gently. Elderly dogs, regular visitors.

Groom, mud pack, salt scrub? Pampering awaits your dog. What are you waiting for..?

Bath, trim & bath, clip nails or the Full Beaumonty - mud pack treatment for vitalised skin. Dead Sea or Madra Mor mud nutrients help to clear  away fleas, improve the skin and coat & leaves a wonderful aroma for days. Paw scrub treatments. AVOID CHEMICALS. All natural. Give it a try!

Dog spoiling spa treatments, only £5 extra.

Member of the Pet Industry Federation & British Dog Groomers’ Association.

It is very important to groom (brush and comb) your dog regularly, as this has huge health benefits and also helps the socialising process.


Grooming Appointment

Grooming partners / links:  Dog Grooming & Animal Grooming Specialists

Daily brushing and examination of the skin and coat, ensures knots do not build up, (which can cause tightening of the skin and great discomfort for dogs) debris is removed and any abnormalities, parasites, or injuries are discovered early.

Regular contact  helps form a close bond, provides great pleasure for both the pet and owner and helps your dog to get used to being handled, ensuring your dog tolerates, or preferably enjoys grooming tools being used and is good when being handled by the vet.

We have a lovely, cosy salon attached to the house, provide a personal service, tailored for your needs and can be very flexible with appointments, fitting around your work times or busy life.

Book four appointments and get the fifth for only £15.00! Offer year round.

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