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Holistic Dog Grooming

We love pampering and providing the best comfort and relaxation for your dog, and ensure the highest quality of care and safety during visits. Professional, qualified and fully insured. We have been looking after the dogs and pet parents around this area for ten years and look forward to many more.

Bellamy's Pad has always promoted a gentle, relaxing atmosphere for dogs and strongly encourage a positive training approach to grooming. If your dog shows any sign of stress or aggressive behaviour, we will stop the grooming and discuss a grooming plan to help your dog cope better with the grooming process. We will never force a dog through any grooming process. Our holistic products and approach will serve to improve relaxation and acceptance of grooming.

Regular grooming is important for health and welfare. Without regular combing and brushing, debris can sit in the coat causing discomfort for your pet. Attending to your dog's coat also provides an opportunity to check the skin for any lumps, bumps and parasites.

Please contact us if you have any issues with your dog's coat. We can provide tips and guidance on grooming products to help.

Please note our terms and conditions of booking, by clicking here

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