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Our Story

Dogs Are My Life

Bellamy's Pad is dedicated to my beautiful dogs, Bellamy, Beaumont and Cassi, sadly no longer with me in body, but always with me in spirit and forever in my heart. The most gorgeous, loyal, loving, intelligent dogs anyone could wish for. Also dedicated to all the dogs in my early life and the wonderful ones sharing my current adventures.

Bellamy 4mths
Bonnie garden

Our Story

Bellamy, the most obedient of all from a mere four months of age, absolutely trustworthy on all of our adventures, including a cable car ride and carrying my ski poles for our cross country winter hikes. A true, loyal companion, still missed after many years.

Beaumont was a handsome, tall, wonderful gentleman. A very chattie chappie. Loving, kind, loyal, adored water and being in the kitchen! Missed every day.

Cassi, dear loving kisser Cassi. Taken too soon at only 8 years of age. A big hole in our household without her, although thankfully I have her sister to still give me cuddles. She loved everyone and was always wanting to lick folks. Playful, cheeky, a real scallywag at times, but so intelligent and laid back. We miss you terribly.

My Wonderful Dogs

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